Week 7 – Methods and Materials of Collection

“Both parents and teachers consider communication a key to developing positive working relationships” (Manning & Bucher, 2012). The relationship between the parent and the teacher is one of the most important relationships in the school. Parents should be given the right to know what the expectations are for their children in the classroom and how they are doing overall in the classroom. Constant communication throughout the year is the only way to accomplish those expectations and overall development of the students. Along with communication between the parents and the teachers, parents also need to understand the value of helping their children at home. “When an adult volunteers his or her time to help with homework, it can show young adolescents that school-related activities are worth the time and effort” (Manning & Bucher, 2012). For my research this week, I wanted to find a couple resources that had ver high-quality ideas and tools for teachers to help get parents involved in their child’s academic lives.

The first resource I found online was from Education World. On this site alone there are six links alone that are directly correlated with parent involvement. One of the links discusses having a day called “Literature Day” where both students and parents come to the school and participate in fun activities to help engage reading in the household. Another link on this page has parent involvement ideas that have been found by principals from different schools across the United States. What I also like about this link is that the additional resources on this page talk about reaching the entire community and all families in the community. The whole community should be a part of the academic success of their students, and it is great that this resource has links that discuss that importance.

Education World:Strategies that Work: Getting parents involved. Retrieved on April 21, 2016. http://www.educationworld.com/a_curr/strategy/strategy005.shtml

The second resource I would like to discuss comes from one of the best online education sites for teachers. Reading Rockets is great for any educator that wants to make a difference in their classroom. The article I found on their website is called Getting Parents Involved in Schools. Topics in this article discuss improvement in communication, what the barriers may be between parent and teacher, how to personalize activities and ideas for each teacher, and it also has additional resource links for teachers! A great website overall, and a fantastic article on how to get families more involved in their child’s learning.

Reading Rockets. Getting parents involved. Retrieved on April 21, 2016. http://www.readingrockets.org/article/getting-parents-involved-schools


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