Week 4 – Methods and Materials of Collection

Math can be a great discipline to integrate other curriculum ideas. One example of the many classes math can coincide with is environmental science. The material that I found was students are to research flowers, trees, and bushes for a garden. After they do the research on what plants they want, they will create a scale of their plants on a map of their garden. This is a great tool for students to do some research on plants that would grow in a garden, along with configuring a grid that works with the amount of plants that they have found.


Another very valuable lesson that doesn’t get taught nearly enough is health. Health is such a great and easy discipline that can be implemented into nearly every unit. Similar to the lesson above, this math lesson has students discovering research about plants that will benefit the goldfish in the pond. This lesson will be a great tool for students to find what will help their environments, along with integrating the math component as well.

What I like about this lesson is that they are implementing two disciplines that don’t get enough time in the classroom, with a class that most students have a difficult time comprehending concepts. These are lessons where students have to develop their own research, which gives them a sense of their own purpose and they are able to search for plants that interest them.



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