Week 2 – Methods and Materials Collection

Two tools for team and relationship building with your students

  • Giving assignments that allows students to express themselves.
    1. If we give students the opportunity to express themselves, they will feel that they are able to be more comfortable around you. In any subject that is taught, there is a way to implement real-world problems into the curriculum.
  • Attend extracurricular activities featuring your students
    1. For some students, this may be the only support system they see outside of the classroom. To be able to see a teacher that is going out of their way and taking time out of their schedule to see them means a lot to those kids.

Milner, R. (2011). Five easy ways to connect with your students. Harvard Edition Letter.


Two tools for making connections with your students and among peers.

One-Minute Talk: Ideal Grade Levels: 5-20

Students are chosen to give 60-second talks on anything, from self-selected topics they are passionate about, have specific expertise in, etc., to topics given from teacher

 Inside-Outside Circle: Ideal Grade Levels: 3-20

Students form a circle within a circle with (ideally) an equal number of students in both circles. Inside circle members pair with outside circle members. Activity leader (usually a teacher, but can be a student) presents a topic, prompt, or question. Partners share for 10 seconds (or less), then the leader asks the inside circle to move clockwise a certain number of spaces to collaborate with new partners directly across from them. This is usually content that focuses and helps spur quick discussion on content related topics, or even current events.

(2012). 10 team-building games for the first day of class. Teacher Thought.

10 Team-Building Games For The First Day Of Class



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